September 21, 2016

Who It’s for

Clyde IT… What can we do for you?

Clyde IT is an IT contracting and professional service company providing IT Services to small and medium-sized business’ throughout Scotland and the UK.

So if IT makes you lose CTRL and you feel like you can’t ESC… We’re here to help! And let’s be honest, you must have found yourself on this website because the idea of doing IT on your own is painful, scary and time-consuming, right? If the answer to this is YES, then tech us out…

There is a better way to manage you’re IT

Imagine a world where there was No fees, No hassle from agencies and No time wasted on mind-numbing IT chores, and more time to concentrate what really matters – your core business!

A world you can trust that your IT projects are in safe and professional hands. A world where you don’t have to pester and pay recruitment agencies in finding you the right staff. A world where you can say goodbye to the stress and headaches of finding the right IT people at the right time.

Sound good? Then Clyde IT may be the right choice for you.

Here at Clyde IT, we like to think we can cover all basis when it comes to IT troubleshooting.

However… we are only human behind the screen! So if we feel you have an issue we aren’t able to solve, we will put our hands up and be honest about it.

We want 100% satisfaction guaranteed with every single client and our team will try to achieve this by only tackling projects we are certain we can complete with absolute perfection, and make a positive difference every time.

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